The workshop was developed with input from the following advisors:

Shashank Bengali, South Asia Correspondent, LA Times

Julian Borger, World Affairs Editor, The Guardian

Dr. Rachel Bronson, President and CEO, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Dr. Andrew Futter, Associate Professor of International Politics, University of Leicester

Ambassador Laura S. H. Holgate, Vice President for Materials Risk Management, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Patrick Illinger, Science Editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Rachel Oswald, Foreign Policy Reporter, Congressional Quarterly

Sharon Squassoni, Research Professor at the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy, George Washington University

Philip Taubman, Consulting Professor at the Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

Elisabeth Waechter, Former Chief of Public Information, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

Alex Wellerstein, Historian of Science and Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Organized by the Stanley Foundation and Atomic Reporters


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