Kelsey Atherton 

Staff Writer, C4ISRNET (United States)

Twitter: @AthertonKD

Kelsey D. Atherton is a defense technology journalist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Politico, Aviation Week, and elsewhere. When not contemplating his hometown's role in engineering nuclear peril, he spends his time worrying about the autonomous robots of future war.

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Vera Bergengruen

Pentagon Correspondent, Buzzfeed News (United States)

Twitter: @VeraMBergen

Vera Bergengruen is a national security correspondent covering the Pentagon for BuzzFeed News in Washington, DC. Previously she had stints as a national security, White House and regional correspondent for the 30 newspapers covered by McClatchy's Washington bureau. At McClatchy, she was part of the team that reported on the Pulitzer-winning Panama Papers investigation in 2016. Originally from Uruguay, she grew up in Chile, Mexico and Germany.

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Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor, Vice, Motherboard, and Freelance Journalist (United States)

Twitter: @mjgault


Matthew Gault is a journalist whose work has appeared in Vice, Reuters, and The New York Times. In 2015, Matthew studied and reported on pop culture’s effects on American nuclear policy thanks to a grant from the Ploughshares Fund. He is also the host of the “War College Podcast."

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Liubov Glazunova

Foreign Desk Correspondent, Moskovskij Komsomolets (Russia)


Liubov Glazunova was born in Tambov, Russia, but spent her early years in Istra, a town near Moscow. In 2016, she graduated from Moscow State University's Faculty of Journalism. Since October 2016, she has been working as the foreign desk correspondent at the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper. Her native language is Russian, and she also speaks fluent English.

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John Grover

Assistant Managing Editor, The National Interest (United States)

Twitter: @JohnDaleGrover

John Dale Grover is an qssistant managing editor at The National Interest. He is also a fellow at Defense Priorities. He is from San Antonio, Texas and lives in the Washington, D.C. area. He has a B.A. in International Relations from Bowdoin College in Maine and a M.S. in Conflict Resolution from George Mason University in Virginia. His work has appeared in Real Clear Defense, Real Clear World, The American Conservative, and Fox News. He writes about North Korea and grand strategy, and worries about escalation spirals. For fun he reads sci-fi, watches film noir, and quotes Dr. Strangelove while playing board games.

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Min-Seo Kim

Reporter, The Segye Times (South Korea)

Min-Seo Kim has been a reporter at the division of Foreign Affairs & Inter-Korean Relations of The Segye Times since 2004, and has been covering North Korea's nuclear missile provocations and cyber-attacks since 2011. She has also been a visiting reporter at the Ministry of Unification in the South Korean government. She holds a master's degree in public policy from Bristol University.

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Jonathan Landay 

National Security Correspondent, Reuters (United States)

Twitter: @JonathanLanday

Jonathan Landay is a national security correspondent for Reuters' Washington bureau. Before this position, he wrote for media outlets like McClatchy Newspapers and The Christian Science Monitor, among others. In his 30 years of experience, he has covered the full panoply of national security issues, for example: nuclear arms control and other aspects of relations with Russia, U.S. policies on counter-terrorism and missile defense, the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen, and the consequences of the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. He has received many awards for his work, and in 2015 he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for reporting on the CIA's monitoring of Senate Intelligence Committee computers used in drafting the CIA torture report.

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Eliza Larson

Reporter/Multimedia Journalist, KITV4 Island News (HI, United States)

Twitter: @ElizaLarsonTV


Eliza Larson is a reporter and multimedia journalist for an ABC affiliate in Hawaii. Eliza was a producer at the time when the false missile alert was sent out in Hawaii, and has since covered the follow-up stories, from the button pusher's reveal to the administrative mistakes.

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Jon Letman

Freelance Journalist, Truthout, The Diplomat, Al Jazeera, Civil Beat (HI, United States)

Twitter: @jonletman


Jon Letman is an independent journalist in Hawaii covering politics and the environment in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on how militarization impacts island communities. He has reported from U.S. military installations across the Pacific and the resistance they engender.

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Tooba Masood

Subeditor/Reporter, Dawn (Pakistan)

Twitter: @tabahitooba

Tooba Masood has been reporting and writing since she was 17 years old. She's currently working at Dawn, Pakistan's oldest English newspaper. She holds a B.A. in South Asian Studies from the SOAS University of London and an M.A. in journalism from Goldsmiths, University of London. Besides writing for Dawn, her work has also appeared in Herald, EOS and other local publications. She has freelanced for Al Jazeera, Russia Today, LA Times and BBC. She writes about everything related to Karachi - culture, arts, crime and politics. Her interest in politics increased after covering last year's elections in Pakistan where she wrote about fake news, how to vote and explored other topics. She is also super active on her Instagram account: @tabahi_tooba.

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Jenna McLaughlin

National Security and Investigations Reporter, Yahoo News (United States)

Twitter: @JennaMC_Laugh

Jenna McLaughlin is a national security and intelligence reporter for Yahoo News, where she covers investigative and daily international news stories. Previously she worked at CNN, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Intercept, and Mother Jones covering similar issues.

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Masakatsu Ota

Senior Feature/Editorial Writer, Kyodo News (Japan)

Masakatsu Ota is a senior and editorial writer at Kyodo News, a position he has held since April 2009. He reports on a variety of nuclear issues, non-proliferation and the U.S.-Japan security relationship. Ota is also Visiting Professor of Waseda University and Nagasaki University.

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D. Parvaz

Global Politics Reporter, ThinkProgress (United States)

Twitter: @dparvaz


D. Parvaz is a global politics reporter based in Washington, D.C., covering issues including national security, trade, and diplomacy. She previously worked as a senior producer at Al Jazeera based out of New York and Doha, focusing on human rights, democracy, and conflict.

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Urvashi Sarkar

Freelance Journalist, The Wire, The Caravan, Al Jazeera (India)

Twitter: @urvashisarkar07

Urvashi Sarkar is a freelance journalist and reports on international politics, gender and culture. Her work has been published in Indian and international publications.  She is the recipient of the 2018 United Nations Reham al Farra Memorial Journalism fellowship and was a 2016 fellow with the People's Archive of India. She is also a recipient of the 2018 Ladli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity. 

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Dina Temple-Raston

Special Correspondent, NPR (United States)

Twitter: @NPRDina


Dina Temple-Raston is special correspondent at NPR working on a technology project that is scheduled to air in spring 2019. Previously, she covered terrorism for the network. She is also the host and creator of "What Were You Thinking," a podcast about adolescent decision-making and neuroscience.

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Gian Maria Volpicelli

Senior Editor, WIRED UK (Italy, based in United Kingdom)

Twitter: @Gmvolpi


Gian M. Volpicelli writes and edits stories about politics, technology, and the intersection between them for WIRED UK. His areas of interest include asymmetric warfare, disinformation, cybercrime, and global catastrophic risks.

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Josephine Wolff

Freelance Journalist, Slate, The Atlantic, The New York Times (United States)

Twitter: @josephinecwolff

Josephine Wolff is an assistant professor in the Public Policy department at RIT and a member of the extended faculty of the Computing Security department. She is a faculty associate at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society and a fellow at the New America Cybersecurity Initiative. Her writing on cybersecurity has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, The Atlantic, Wired, Scientific American, and The New Republic, and her book "You'll See This Message When It Is Too Late: The Legal and Economic Aftermath of Cybersecurity Breaches" was published by MIT Press in 2018.

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