As US Modernizes Its Nuclear Arsenal, Costs and Risks Soar

7/16/19, Jon Letman, Truthout

Kauai Plays A Growing Role Testing Technology For Tomorrow’s Nuclear Weapons

6/3/19, Jon Letman, Honolulu Civil Beat

How to Avoid Another Korean War

4/30/19, John Dale Grover and Brad Howard, The National Interest

The Bikini Atoll Apocalypse of 1954 Was a Vision of Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Future

2/23/19, Jon Letman, The Daily Beast

Panic in the Paradise

2/8/19, Liubov Glazunova, Medium (Moskovskij Komsomolets)

Ядерная тревога на Гавайях: "Люди залезали в ванны"

1/31/19, Liubov Glazunova, Moskovskij Komsomolets

Inside a key Hawaii intelligence outpost listening in on the Pacific

1/30/19, Jenna McLaughlin, Yahoo News

Nuclear Threat Grows as US Prepares to Withdraw From INF Treaty

1/29/19, Jon Letman, Truthout

Now the F-35 Is Also an Anti-Nuke Weapon

1/18/19, Matthew Gault, Motherboard

Pentagon report hints at coming U.S.-China escalation

1/18/19, D. Parvaz, ThinkProgress

Why the People Responsible for US Nukes Tweeted a Veiled Threat on New Year’s Eve

1/16/19, Matthew Gault, Motherboard

The American Military Sucks at Cybersecurity

1/15/19, Matthew Gault, Motherboard

One year later: Hawaii's false missile alert

1/14/19, Eliza Larson, KITV4 Island News

Notes on the Hawaii false alarm, one year later

1/13/19, Alex Wellerstein, Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog

"죽음에 가까운 공포 지금도 생생… 북핵 위협 여전" [르포]

1/13/19, Min-Seo Kim, Naver

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